Meg (orphiel) wrote,

Gathering 2009


- Seeing loads of mates and having a huge faction.
- Tribe - awesome to roleplay with, having ace fun being in a group more. Especially Whispers, with whom I had a great conversation about idiots, and how being curious gets you killed.
- Party in the Albion Jugga club, and finding a reason for the battle on Monday (Harts cheat at Twisty shocker)
- Wah wah wah wah wah embody unliving, wah wah wah, thanks Stesha, you're great.
- Signing pyjamas
- 'Hold my shit; I'm gonna cut her'
- Plot being ALL ABOUT ME. Although mostly seeming to involve death threats. Ah well. I still felt speshul and important.
- Awesome emo rolemaplay around the whole M4 plot. Again, I did no crying.
- Scouts guild cake being amazing success. Got my guild fees paid, counted as my guild service, and got offered free training. Might make them another cake next year to keep up my profile.
- Cake-off. Oh my god, cake-cake. Also people asking for my cake recipe, which I'll post here later.
- Talking to Darren about catering his Heroes and Dragons events. Really looking forward to this.
- Lord Rone getting the crap kicked out of him.
- Stu not getting the crap kicked out of him, phew.
- Finally sorting out what to do with my OSPs. Slightly sad thing to feel pleased about, but I've never understood how they work before. Also it's useful to know from character perspective what is going on.


- The toilets being well mankier than usual. I had to utilise my boat-learned skills of breathing through my mouth, from when I had to manually empty my toilet every week.
- Don't feel entirely confident doing emo rolemaplay, always feel slightly stupid and like I am taking things too seriously. This is probably a side-effect of the amount of comedy scheming I have been doing over the last few years. Think I'm getting better at it though.
- I think my kit is rubbish, but plans are underway for more and different kit in varying degrees of cheapness. It does not help that I cannot fit into my leather trousers anymore, and someone asked if 'there was a reason for this that meant I shouldn't be drinking that booze and smoking' but plans are also underway for more excermacise and eating of vegetables to counteract this problem. My military jacket is pretty slagged, but I have got at least 6 years wear out of it, so not too bad going.

EDIT: Forgot most hilarious conversation of the event:

'You skipped out on our date 20 minutes in'
' SAVE your LIFE.'
'Pfft, whatever.'

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